The RBEF Telethon

Since 1989, the Foundation (in cooperation with R-B Library Media Services) has held a Telethon that has become the Foundation's premiere annual fundraising event. The Telethon is broadcast on RBTV, the school's educational cable television station to a host of suburban communities. This fundraiser owes its success to hundreds of dedicated volunteers - students, alumni, community members, teachers, staff and friends - who have made the Telethon an R-B tradition. In addition to talented performers, the day-long event has featured celebrities including Chicago radio personalities and municipal, state and federal officials. In its first year, the Telethon was awarded a John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award, the only high school event in the country to receive this prestigious honor. The Telethon is held every year during February.

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Crystal Pillar Award Winners 2013

At the 2013 High School Awards of Excellence by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS - the same organization which awards the Emmys), seniors Stasha Morales & Helen Moscinski won the Crystal Pillar Award in the Public Service (PSAs) Category for their 2012 public service announcement on radon gas. Sophomore Andrew Pilewski also won a Crystal Pillar Award in the Sports Category for video coverage of the 2012 Bulldog Football season. The Crystal Pillar Award is the highest honor NATAS can bestow upon high school students. These videos can be viewed on our YouTube Channel. Please click the "RBTV YouTube" image located on this page to visit the RBTV YouTube channel.

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