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Instructional Coach: Juan Tinoco

All courses in Television and Radio Production are eligible for Applied Arts credit


TV ARTS PRODUCTION – 1/2 Credit     All Classes

Note: this class may be taken for either one period during the day or on Monday evenings ( from 3:30-5:30 p.m) with 2 ½ hours of lab time during the week.

This beginning course is designed for those students who are interested in writing, producing, directing, and performing in front of the camera as well as those who wish to pursue the more technical aspects of television production.  Students will develop skills in using television equipment, increase understanding of television as a communication vehicle, and script and produce both studio and remote video programs.




Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors

Prerequisite:  TV ARTS PRODUCTION 

Students will be required to develop, produce, and edit their own television shows for broadcast on RBTV. Through developing their show as well as additional projects assigned by the instructor, students will become more proficient with studio or remote production equipment. The curriculum for these courses will continue to be individualized and sequential.  Individualized monitoring will ensure that each student completes increasingly challenging skills, and attempts different genres of TV production.  Skills include communication via written and visual methods, leadership, marketing, time and resource management, facility with a variety of technical equipment, collaboration, creativity, initiative, and others to be determined on an individual basis. Grades will be based on a production book, supplementary readings, point reviews with the instructor, and completion of the final projects.



RADIO/INDEPENDENT STUDY – 1/2 Credit     Juniors, Seniors

Prerequisite:  Student Interest and Departmental Approval prior to registration

This course may be repeated for a total of two semesters.

Students working alone or in 2-person teams produce their own radio programs which air live before or after school.  Students learn basic engineering, scripting, and announcing.  The district’s Independent Study policies and procedures apply.  Extra time commitment is required during the summer to prepare for on-air time. Students must complete a research paper each quarter from a list of topics supplied by the instructor. Grades will be based on skill attainment, on self, peer, and instructor evaluations at regular intervals, on percentage of completed shows, and on the research paper.






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