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Before the present RB television station was constructed in 1980-1981, the interest in television was already present. With a makeshift studio and secondhand black and white equipment, students were producing class projects, and had initiated a student news show. 

At a time when our local communities were negotiating with cable companies, RB administrators challenged the media staff to “push the limits; to investigate the future ways that television could and would be used to improve and impact education, especially in an age of cable-casting into suburban communities.” 

The Metrovision Cable Company, later purchased by Media One, funded direct playback to Brookfield from RBTV.  Grants from a number of sources, including Jones Intercable and the RB Educational Foundation, have provided additional funds to help with on going expenses and upgrades. And, of course, the local communities have been very supportive of our efforts. 

Life has been exciting for us at RBTV. The studio has become an unparalleled technical teaching tool at RB. In addition to the many classes which use the facility to tape projects, students in TV classes are learning technical and writing skills while producing shows they know the public will see.

RBTV has established a YouTube channel www.youtube.com/myrbtv  where viewers can watch new and old programs.

Recently, RBTV has joined the Roku app as another streaming option. Search village stream to watch 24/7.

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